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Those with their Lilith in Cancer can suffer from intense separation anxiety; it is their karmic duty to find their independence. At her best, Lilith in Cancer is fiercely protective of her loved ones. Lilith in Leo epitomizes narcissism; her pride is her worst enemy.

Starstruck: What Your Moon Sign Says About Your Romantic Compatibility

She is vain and attention-seeking, and others find her intensely captivating. Mirrors turn her on. As part of their karmic duty, those with their Lilith in Leo must learn to tame the ego. In Virgo, Lilith is an obsessive perfectionist who is hypercritical about her hygiene.

Why Moon Sign Compatibility Matters

In the bedroom, she is a sexual servant who enjoys degrading sex; however, this, too, can be a struggle, as Lilith in Virgo sometimes suffers from sexual shame and repression. As part of her karmic duty, she must overcome the feeling of guilt and inferiority. Lilith in Libra can be incredibly seductive. Like a true daughter of Venus, her charm is utterly irresistible. A constant mirror to her surroundings, Lilith in Libra could suffer injustice despite her constant fight for equality. As part of her karmic duty, she must learn to accept people for who they are. At her best, Lilith in Libra is a natural leader and a charming diplomat. - Your Moon Sign and Your Emotional Side

Lilith exalts in Scorpio, meaning she is at her most potent form in the sign of the scorpion. Lilith in Scorpio is obsessive and jealous with her loved ones.

As part of her karmic duty, she must learn the value of trust. In Sagittarius, Lilith wants everything in excess. Whoever invented the mile-high club probably has their Lilith in Sagittarius. Those with their Lilith in Sagittarius must learn to have faith as part of their karmic duty. Contrary to her darkness, Lilith in Sagittarius can be deeply inspiring to those around her. In Capricorn, Lilith is completely ruthless.

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If her hopes and desires are not met, she can be bitter and ice-cold. Lilith in Capricorn is notorious for mixing business with pleasure. Her career is often connected to sex; drawing a line between her emotions and ambition is part of her karmic duty.

Moon Sign Compatability! The BEST and WORST combinations for love with Psychic Astrologer Candace

At her best, Lilith in Capricorn has an extraordinary endurance. In Aquarius, Lilith is a sexual rebel. She is incredibly particular with her partner, who must be unique and different from the rest. Lilith in Aquarius is outspoken and obsessed with her freedom.

Aries Moon

Contrary to her darkness, Lilith in Aquarius can start a revolution all by herself. She is adored by many. In Pisces, Lilith prefers fantasy over reality. Lilith in Pisces uses sex as a form of escapism. Find out what the stars have in store for you.

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