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And doing it all nearly effortlessly. One oft sited example is that of financial markets. Just reading these words many would think their accounts would be back to even. Some of you are still scratching your head. But what do you do about it?

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Admit it. Adapt to it.

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Armed with your new-found self-awareness that comes from admitting , change your behavior enough to adapt. If you become physically handicapped, your home and automobile may require a certain amount of retrofitting to adapt to your physical disability. Acquire help. This is a significant step in your adaptation process.

As crazy as this might sound to you, there are actually people in the world that enjoy dealing with numbers.

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Aspire to grow. Before Almanzo speaks, Mr. When Almanzo asks him whether he has lost a wallet, Thompson realizes he might in fact have lost his wallet. It is to test this possibility—the wallet might be lost—that Thompson slaps his pocket. Consciously or unconsciously, as you digested the story of Almanzo and the wallet, you probably drew on most or all of the following kinds of facts:. It took a lot of time, maybe hours, for him to get the money from the safe place where he hid it, so he brought it back in a bundle and left it on the table.

Then he noticed the money that had been hiding in the bed, and began walking toward the bed with a large bundle. The words are fluent, but the ideas are incoherent. If Mr Thompson just got his wallet back, how come the money is suddenly hidden in a safe place? The system has glommed on to the statistical correlation between wallets and safe places, but entirely lost the thread of the story.

You can try this yourself ; every continuation will be different; few of them will be coherent. No current system is any better. Current AI systems are largely powered by a statistical technique called deep learning, and deep learning is very effective at learning correlations, such as correlations between images or sounds and labels. But deep learning struggles when it comes to understanding how objects like sentences relate to their parts like words and phrases. For example, in the sentence "The moon is , miles from the Earth," the word moon means one specific astronomical object, Earth means another, mile means a unit of distance, , means a number, and then, by virtue of the way that phrases and sentences work compositionally in English, , miles means a particular length, and the sentence "The moon is , miles from the Earth" asserts that the distance between the two heavenly bodies is that particular length.

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Nor does deep learning recognize that a sentence like "The moon is , miles from the Earth" contains phrases that refer to two heavenly bodies and a length. At the same time, deep learning has no good way to incorporate background knowledge. A system can learn to predict that the words wallet and safe place occur in similar kinds of sentences "He put his money in the wallet," "He put his money in a safe place" , but it has no way to relate that to the fact that people like to protect their possessions. In the language of cognitive psychology, what you do when you read any text is build up a cognitive model of the meaning of what the text is saying.

As you read the passage from Farmer Boy , for example, you gradually build up a mental representation—internal to your brain—of all the people, objects, and incidents in the story and the relations among them: Almanzo, the wallet, and Mr. Thompson, and also the events of Almanzo speaking to Mr. Thompson, Mr. Thompson shouting and slapping his pocket, Mr. Thompson snatching the wallet from Almanzo, and so on.

Please Help Me! I Really Can’t Read - Maggie Tanner

Ever since , when DeepMind built a system that played Atari games—often better than humans—without cognitive models, and sold themselves to Google for more than half a billion dollars, cognitive models have gone out of fashion. The simulated prose of the cognitive-model-free GPT-2 is entertaining, but it's a far cry from genuine reading comprehension. Instead, there is a fundamental mismatch between the kind of statistical computation that powers current AI programs and the cognitive-model construction that would be required for systems to actually comprehend what they are trying to read.

Instead, we believe it is time for an entirely new approach that is inspired by human cognitive psychology and centered around reasoning and the challenge of creating machine-interpretable versions of common sense. When you buy something using the retail links in our stories, we may earn a small affiliate commission. Read more about how this works.

Daniel Oberhaus. Sophia Chen. Christopher Ryan.

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Julie Muncy. Thompson slap his pocket with his hand?

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Thompson realize that he had lost his wallet? How did we get into this mess? Should you worry?