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Bhagavad Gita. He was deeply touched by the young Divan of Sadi. Shiraz is under siege by the tyrant Mubariz and Hafiz's friend the king, Abu Ishak, is Paul SmithBorn in Melbourne, Australia, in , Paul SmithBorn in Melbourne, Australia, in , Paul Smith began composing poems in the ancient Persian form of the ghazal at the age of 6 on his way to school.

Here are Pune: The City of God. Saqi-Nama: Book of the Winebringer. During his study in Europe, Iqbal began to write poetry. It tells mainly the mythical and to some extent the historical past of the Persian Empire from the creation of the world until the Arab conquest of Iran in the 7th century.

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Modern Iran, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and the greater region influenced by Persian culture such as Georgia, Armenia, Turkey and Dagestan celebrate this national epic. The work is of central importance in Persian culture and Persian language, regarded as a literary masterpiece, and definitive of the ethno-national cultural identity of Iran. Biography He received his earlier education in his native Tabriz city, mastering the elements of Arabic and the religious sciences. The rule of Ismail is one of the most vital in the history of Iran. Before his accession in , Iran, since its occupation by the Arabs eight-and-a-half centuries before, had not existed as a unified country under native Iranian rule, but had been controlled by a series of Arab caliphs, Turkic sultans, and Mongol khans.

Although many Iranian dynasties rose to power amidst this whole period, it was only under the Buyids that a vast part of Iran proper came under Iranian rule Sa'di in a Rose garden, from a Mughal manuscript of the Gulistan, ca. It is also one of his most popular books, and has proved deeply influential in the West as well as the East.

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It is widely quoted as a source of wisdom. The well-known aphorism still frequently repeated in the western world, about being sad because one has no shoes until one meets the man who has no feet "whereupon I thanked Providence for its bounty to myself" is from the Gulistan. Qazvin was a medieval capital of the Safavid dynasty for over forty years and nowadays is known as the calligraphy capital of Iran.

It is famous for its Baghlava, carpet patterns, poets, political newspaper and Pahlavi influence on its accent. At the census, its population was , The climate is cold but dry, due to its position south of the rugged Alborz range called KTS Atabakiya. The city was a capital of the Persian Empire under Safavids in — Imprisoned by her father in the last 20 years of her life at Salimgarh Fort, Delhi, Princess Zeb-un-Nissa is remembered as a poet, and her writings were collected posthumously as Diwan-i-Makhfi.

Her mother, Dilras Banu Begum, was Aurangzeb's first wife and chief consort, and was a princess of the prominent Safavid dynasty; the ruling dynasty of Iran Persia. The third of seven children Amir, Massoud, Mehrdad, Fereydoun, Pooran, Gloria , she attended school until the ninth grade, then was taught painting and sewing at a girls' school for the manual arts.

At the age of 16 she was married to satirist Parviz Shapour. She continued her education with painting and sewing classes, and moved with her husband to Ahvaz. Her only child, a son named Kamyar Shapour subject of The Return , was born a year later. Sohrab Sepehri was very talented in fine arts and his paintings were displayed in many European exhibits. He is one of Iran's foremost modernist painters.

Unfortunately, Sohrab suffered from leukaemia which terminated his short but rich life on 28 April Rumi has been described as the "most popular poet"[12] and the "best selling poet" in the United States. His most important work Heydar Babaya Salam is considered to be the pinnacle in Azerbaijani literature which gained great popularity in the Turkic world and was translated to more than 30 languages. Born in in Tabriz, he received his elementary education, including the Divan of Hafez, under his father's supervision.

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  8. He subsequently studied at the Dar-ol-Fonoun former higher education school in Tehran. Although he studied medicine in college, he dropped out just before getting his diploma and went to Khoras. Diwan was also borrowed into Armenian, Arabic, Urdu, Turkish. The first use of the. Ahmad Ghazi — 7 June [1] was a Kurdish writer and translator. He was born in in Mahabad. He played an active role in Iranian Kurdistan struggles for political sovereignty in the s, because of which he was imprisoned under Shah's rule for four years.

    After the Iranian Revolution of , he managed himself to write and translate literary and historical works both in Kurdish and Persian. He was the editor in Chief of Sirwe, a then popular cultural and literary magazine in Kurdish, from to He is also a selected member of the Kurdish Language Academy in Iran. Middle Persian or Pahlavi, also known by its endonym as Parsik or Parsig in its later form [2], is a Western Middle Iranian language which became the literary language of the Sasanian Empire. For some time after the Sasanian collapse, Middle Persian continued to function as a prestige language.

    Name "Middle Iranian" is the name given to middle stage of development of the numerous Iranian languages and dialects. One of those Middle Iranian languages is Middle Persian, i. The Persians called their language Parsik, meaning "Persian".

    Obeyd Zakani

    Another Middle Iranian language was Parthian, i. Written in Persian, it tells the story of an unnamed pen case painter, the narrator, who sees in his macabre, feverish nightmares that "the presence of death annihilates all that is imaginary. We are the offspring of death and death delivers us from the tantalizing, fraudulent attractions of life; it is death that beckons us from the depths of life. If at times we come to a halt, we do so to hear the call of death Throughout our lives, the finger of death points at us.

    His confessions do not follow a linear progression of events and often repeat and layer themselves thematically, thus lending to the open-ended nature of interpretation of the story. The Blind Owl was written during the oppressive latter years of Reza Shah's rule — It was originally published in a. Aghdashloo's aunt and her husband were merchants and wealthy ones. While living with them, Aghdashloo passed much time painting alone. After seeing his talent in painting, his aunt enlisted him at painting classes of Monseigneur Basil and it was there he first learned about the oil painting technique.

    His poetry contains many of the oldest genres of Persian poetry including the quatrain,[3] however, only a small percentage of his extensive poetry has survived. Even though most o. Shamlou was arguably the most influential poet of modern Iran. In fact, Abdolali Dastgheib, Iranian literary critic, argues that Shamlou is one of the pioneers of modern Farsi poetry and has had the greatest influence, after Nima, on Iranian poets of his era.

    For infrastructure and impact, he uses a kind of everyday imagery in which personified oxymoronic elements are spiked with an unreal combination of the abstract and the concrete thus far unprecedented. A collection of lyric poems that contains more than 40, verses, it is written in the New Persian language and is considered one of the greatest works of Persian literature.

    Shade is an Iranian poet of the 20th century, whose life and work spans many of Iran's political, cultural and literary upheavals.

    Obeyd Zakani Books - List of books by Obeyd Zakani

    Life Ebtehaj was born February 25, in Rasht, Iran, and had his primary schooling there before moving to Tehran. His first book of poetry, with an introduction by eminent poet Mehdi Hamidi Shirazi, was published when he was 19 years old. During Iran's open period following World War II, Sayeh got involved in various literary circles and contributed to various literary magazines such as Sokhan, Kavian, Sadaf, Maslehat, and others. Unlike many other literary figures of the time who got deeply involved in politics and left-leaning activities, Sayeh stayed true to his social and political consciousness but refrained from deeper involvement.

    He was employed at the National Cement Company for 22 years while continuing his literary activities. Later he was invited by the national. The Denkard is to a great extent considered an "Encyclopedia of Mazdaism"[1] and is a valuable source of information on the religion especially during its Middle Persian iteration. The Denkard, however, is not generally considered a sacred text by a majority of Zoroastrians but is still considered worthy of study. Date an.

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    Parvin had four brothers and her mother died in Her family moved to Tehran early in her life, and in addition to the formal schooling, she obtained a solid understanding of Arabic and classical Persian literature from her father. Afterwards, she taught f. Biography Information about Attar's life is rare and scarce.

    Showing Rating details. Sort order. He studied in Shiraz under the best masters of his day, but eventually moved back to his native town. His work is noted for its satire and obscene verses, often political, and cited in debates involving homosexual practices. His non-satirical serious classical verses have also been regarded as very well written, in league with the other great works of Persian literature.

    He is one of the most remarkable poets, satirists and social critics of the society Persia. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Obeyd Zakani. Obeyd Zakani.

    دکتر عبدالکریمی:حقوق و ارزش اخلاقی حیوانات - buxyzexupe.cfarimi: Ethics and Animal’s right[Audio]

    Books by Obeyd Zakani. No trivia or quizzes yet. Quotes from The Book of Obeyd Welcome back.