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Mistress Of His Revenge. Chantelle Shaw. The Sultan's Choice. The Marakaios Baby. The Petrov Proposal. The Di Sione Secret Baby. Melanie Milburne. Signed Over to Santino. The Sheikh's Wedding Contract. Andie Brock. Sheikh Without a Heart. Sandra Marton. Julia James. Sheikh's Forbidden Conquest. The Valquez Seduction. A Deal Before The Altar. The Consequence He Must Claim. Dani Collins. What The Greek Wants Most. Pippa Roscoe. To Sin With The Tycoon. Natalie Anderson. Sheikh's Baby of Revenge. The Sicilian Doctor's Proposal. Sarah Morgan. The Cost Of The Forbidden. The Tarnished Jewel of Jazaar.

Harlequin Presents December - Box Set 1 of 2. Sharon Kendrick. Girl in the Bedouin Tent. Annie West. One Night With Morelli.

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Claiming His Wedding Night. Louise Fuller. Undone By The Sultan's Touch. Engaged To Her Ravensdale Enemy.

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Zarif's Convenient Queen. Lynne Graham. An Heir Fit for a King. Required to Wear the Tycoon's Ring. Maggie Cox. To Defy a Sheikh. Harlequin Presents November - Box Set 2 of 2. Heart Of A Desert Warrior. The Sheikh's Baby Scandal. Castelli's Virgin Widow. The Desert Sheikh's Captive Wife.

The Italian's Christmas Housekeeper. Banished To The Harem. Expecting A Royal Scandal. Greek's Last Redemption. The Perfect Cazorla Wife. An Heiress For His Empire. The Greek's Nine-Month Redemption. The Sheikh's Last Gamble. Bound By The Billionaire's Baby. Claiming The Royal Innocent. Kiss And Tell. The Sheikh's Secret Baby. The Pregnant Kavakos Bride. Harlequin Presents August - Box Set 1 of 2.

Settling the Score. Getting Even. Defiant in the Desert.

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Christmas In Da Conti's Bed. Crowned For The Sheikh's Baby. Italian Boss, Housekeeper Bride. Her Secret Pregnancy. The Unlikely Mistress. One Wedding Required! Long-Distance Marriage. Constantine's Defiant Mistress. Taking Risks. Mistress of La Rioja. Secrets Of A Billionaire's Mistress. Harlequin Presents - March - Box Set 1 of 2.

Harlequin Presents April - Bundle 2 of 2. The Correttis. Royal Affairs. Di Sione's Virgin Mistress. Bound to the Sicilian's Bed. Society Secrets - 3 Book Box Set. The Sheikh's Heir. Shamed In The Sands. Mistress Material. The Sheikh's Bought Wife. Exposed: The Sheikh's Mistress. Kat and the Dare-Devil Spaniard. The Housekeeper's Awakening. Penny Jordan. Pride - 3 Book Box Set. The Future King's Bride. Nikki Logan. The Billionaire Bodyguard. The Forbidden Innocent. Crowned for the Prince's Heir. Harlequin Presents November - Box Set 1 of 2. Harlequin Presents July - Box Set 1 of 2. Angela Bissell.

The Sheikh's Unwilling Wife. Sicilian Husband, Unexpected Baby. Out of Hours Carrying the Greek's Heir. Playing The Greek's Game. In Bed With The Boss. The Greek tycoon Kyros Pavlidis is a multibillionaire, used to buying whatever he wants. An overwhelming attraction Kyros sweeps Alice off her feet but he has an ulterior motive--marriage! The marriage merger Once Alice is wearing Bought for her babies Alexandros Pavlidis always ended his affairs before he got bored.

So he never expected to see his London mistress, Rebecca Gibbs, again--until she showed up with shocking news: she was pregnant with his twins! Aisling Armstrong might be his top headhunter, but with her prim, frumpy exterior Gianluca Palladio has never noticed her. Then, at a party in Italy, Gianluca catches a glimpse of the real Aisling--a wild wanton, whom he takes to his bed. One night From mousy housekeeper Italian billionaire Raffaele de Ferretti had many beautiful women at his beck and call.

But when he needed a fiancee of convenience, the only woman for the job was his mousy, dowdy housekeeper! Giovanni Cerruti's wealthy family is always in the spotlightso when his stepsister is headed for a rehabilitation clinic, he decides to work the paparazzi to keep her The sheikh needs a queen, and she must be pure As Sheikh of Kharastan, Malik has no time for distractions. But when Sorrel, an Englishwoman in his care, wants to explore the pleasures of the West, Malik decides he will be the one to teach her t The sheikh will claim his wife It's been five years since Alexa set eyes on Giovanni de Verrazzano-five years since she walked out on their pretense of a marriage and took with her a precious secret.

And she will submit! Since discovering that he An English rose ready for plucking? When billionaire playboy Xavier de Maistre discovers he's in line to rule the kingdom of Kharastan, he's not eager to claim his birthright. Until he meets Laura Cottingham, the English lawyer who confirms the news Many of these books are available as e books for the first time An Italian billionaire businessman Years ago, Cesare di Arcangelo's pride had been wounded. Now Sorcha Whittaker's company needed his expertise--he would bed her, and then dump her With a plan for vengeance!

Sorcha was still t Bought by her husband, bedded for revenge! The innocent bride: Victoria was from a poor background, but Greek billionaire Alexei Christou still wanted her. The wayward wife? But passion wasn't enough, and soon their marriage fell apart. His bought Passion results in pregnancy! Millionaire banker Luca Cardelli is back!

The gorgeous Italian broke Eve's heart before, but now he's more determined than ever to have her Falling again for Luca is all too easy, and life is incredible until E The world's most glamorous couple, Jennifer Warren and Matteo D'Arezzo, are on the red carpet at their latest premiere -- despite having just split up! Watching their steamy movie together sparks unstoppable passion and with life-changing consequenc Exposed: the story of the sheikh's mistress!

Is Sheikh Hashim Al Aswad back with Sienna Baker, the model he nearly married, before photos exposing her past were revealed? Unsuitable bride or model wife? But Hashim doesn't know the truth behi She's classy and pure -- the perfect royal bride! Crown Prince Gianferro Cacciatore, heir to the throne of Mardivino, needs a wife.

His father, the King, is dying. The pressure is on Gianferro to find a wife. Young and innocent Miss Millicent de First to bed They shared passionate nights together in upscale hotels whenever they were in the same city -- London, Paris, New York The Prince's mistress -- by royal command! It was like a scene out of a movie! Who was this fit, handsome guy, who rescued Gabriella Scott from a sticky situation and made incredible love to her all night? In Spain there had been a searing mutual attraction between Sophie and Don Luis de la Camara -- and she'd grown to love his motherless little boy, too.

But now Luis had come to England -- to ask her to return to La Rioja -- as his son's nanny For their baby's sake Catherine Walker is on vacation in Greece, where she meets gorgeous Irish property tycoon Finn Delaney. Their strong mutual attraction leads them to a night of mad, passionate love.

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Then Catherine learns she is pregnant! When model Keri was stranded with dark, brooding bodyguard Jay Linur, it was clear they were from different worlds. But opposites attract The passion that followed blew her mi Multimillionaire tycoon Darian Wildman made an instant decision to hire beautiful Lara Black.

She was the face for his new advertisting campaign. But there was once problem -- he wanted her both professionally Will her pregnancy lead to a proposal? Isabella's first love affair has ended in disaster. Pregnant and alone,she's fled to England -- to the only man she trusts enough to help her, Paulo Dantas Paulo is unprepared for Isabella when he sees Once upon a time Molly had shared a passionate romance with Dimitri Nicharos on an idyllic Greek island.

Now in London over fifteen years later, Molly is shocked to meet her new neighbor -- Dimitri! A single father, Dimitri is still as gorgeous as Kiloran Lacey is furious when hotshot businessman Adam Black is hired as her boss -- she's used to being in charge! Even worse, Adam is the most devastatingly attractive man she's ever met -- and it isn't long before he makes her his mistress!

One final night to remember When Shelley went to Italy, Drew Glover was convinced that she wasn't going for work, but for her rich boss -- and his money! Three years later Drew still hasn't changed his mind. Though attraction still sizzles betw He'd returned to claim his wife! As young and reckless teenagers they had married in haste and separated just as quickly.

Scarlett had put Liam Rouse behind her and moved on.


Liam, too, had acquired a new sophistication, but underneath still burned Sheikh Rashid of Quador finally wants to marry his arranged bride. But Jenna has discovered what a playboy he really is! She has to get out of their wedding, so she pretends she's no longer a virgin. But Rashid discovers the truth Property tycoon's secret love child After Philip Caprice and Lisi fell into bed together, Philip left at midnight The reason he gave for leaving had prevented Lisi from telling him that their evening of passion had resulted in a darling bab When Rose was whisked away from London to Prince Khalim's desert palace on board his private jet, he treated her more like a princess than an employee.

Yet she knew she could never be his wife. An appropriate bride would be chosen and he would have t Sabrina is an unlikely mistress. Guy is a multimillionaire playboy -- while Sabrina is, well For one passionate night in Venice she forgets her humdrum life, the pain of losing her fiance. Not wanting to return to real life, she accepts G Will the Sicilian's passion turn to love?

It was just plain Physical attraction. That didn't mean it was any big love or anything did it?

Monarch of the Sands (Mills & Boon Modern) (Mills and Boon Modern)

Kate Connors was just a mistress to a very passionate Sicilian man, Giovanni Calverri. And sex was all it From passion Marcus Foreman had been Donna King's boss. She'd been so nervous that their one-night affair had been a disaster. The next day he'd fired her. Nine years later, Donna is back in town and Marcus is determined to show A fight to save her marriage! The sudden realization that he husband had their triplets want to move -- to the country -- came as a bombshell to Anna Travers.

She was the ultimate city girl, but she feared there was more to Todd's restlessness tha In bed with the boss! Dan McKnight, Megan's boss, insisted that she pretend to be his lover! He wanted to convince a young girl with an obsessive crush on him that he was in love with someone else But, after sharing a room -- and a bed -- D Stand-in parents Rory Mandelson expected Angelica to look after his orphaned nephew. Under other circumstances, Angel would have liked nothing better -- she adored babies. But the baby was her ex-husband's love-child, and Rory was the brother-in-law As Sam Lockhart was devastatingly handsome, it wasn't surprising that he had a reputation!

So when Fran Fisher heard that Sam had broken her best friend's heart, she gladly agreed to help her friend get even. The first part o Once, Clemmie and Aleck were in love. And now they've found that they're both single parents, and next-door neighbors. Despite the undiminished sizzle between them, they decide they'd better be "just fr Rule number 3: For the perfect wedding Ursula O'Neil had found the right man long ago--her boss. But she'd kept her feelings to herself because she'd assumed Ross Sheridan was married, with a gorgeous daughter, Katie.

Rule number 2: For the perfect wedding Amber O'Neill was engaged to her boss, Finn Fitzgerald. Now all she needed to do was agree on a date for the wedding and find the perfect dress! Then Finn became aloof and distant; he was pus Rule number 1: For the perfect wedding Holly Lovelace had the perfect wedding dress, but she was certain she'd never find the right bridegroom. Meeting Luke Goodwin changed her mind: he was rich, seriously sexy He'd finally found her Maisy Jackson was late -- very late -- on her first day at the infertility clinic, and consultant Matthew Gallagher on an exchange from Australia was less than pleased!

But that sticky didn't stop either of them appre Marriage on the run Marriage Past Alessandra Walker and Cameron Calder had married in haste, with careers in tow and jobs in different cities. But they loved each other with a passion, and of course they'd make it work Marriage Present He had waited five years for his moment and now it wa Provoking Cormack had never been a good idea in the past -- how would he react now? Triss Alexander faced the hardest task of her life. Cormack Casey had turned her life upside down, hurt her deeply, and the only thing that had kept her going was Two very different men It was time to even the score!

Geraint Howell-Williams was sure Lola Hennessy had used her womanly charms to make sure of her inheritance--an exclusive house--by seducing another man, someone she barely knew. Lola was beautiful, so getting clos An independent kind of woman! Nick Harrington always turned up in Abby's life when things were difficult, his task this time to tell her that her husband had left her penniless widow, Nick offered his help - he was that kind of man resourceful and d Coming home for Christmas! Matthew Hamilton's baby daughter, Sophie, adores Daisy Blair.

So when Sophie needs it babysitter while she and Matthew are staying with her grandmother over Christmas, he looks no further than Daisy. What Matthew doesn't His two best girls Four years after his wife's death, Dr. Jamie Brennan still devoted his energies to just two things: his job, and his daughter, Harriet. Another female in his life was bound to complicate matters!

So when vibrant Sarah Jackson She was no longer the naive seventeen-year-old who had thrown herself at Pasquale Caliandro; now she was renowned model Suki. Other men might proposition her, but Pasquale had bitterl Could she risk her daughter? It had been six years since Verity Summers had fallen in love with newly-qualified doctor Benedict Jackson. Although intense, their relationship hadn't lasted, and Benedict had left to take up a new post, unaware that Once wasn't enough Harrison Nash was convinced he only needed to make love with Kimberley once, and she'd be out of his system for good.

Kimberley Ryan knew Harrison wasn't looking for commitment--but she couldn't help loving him. Then fate took a When enemies marry Constantine Sioulas was a man of primitive passions Jade Meredith knew that. But she couldn't believe it when, after a whirlwind courtship, he insisted that she marry him!

Things like that simply didn't happen to girls like But Samantha Gilbert had boldly wanted the job as his assistant.

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It was the opportunity of a lifetime. And eventually she'd managed to convince Declan that she could handle the Speed Darius had asked Kitty Goodman if she always had an answer for everything, and she, of course, thought so, and therefore she considered that there would be no problem in dealing with her new boss to get her real goal: to show that Darius was th But as it had appeared he no longer loved her, it had been no choice at all Stefano hadn't been in touch since.

Now suddenly And she managed to keep her distance whi Once he had sex with her But now he does not even recognize her! When Riccardo Masterton reappeared in the life of Elizabeth Carson, he seemed to realize that she was the same girl that once he had shared a week of passion. Is it? Beth had his g We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement. Book List: titles. The Argentinian's Baby of Scandal.

Bought Bride for the Argentinian. Crowned for the Sheikh's Baby. Bound to the Sicilian's Bed. The Italian's Christmas Secret. The Pregnant Kavakos Bride. The Sheikh's Bought Wife. Secrets of a Billionaire's Mistress. A Royal Vow of Convenience. Di Sione's Virgin Mistress. Crowned for the Prince's Heir. The Billionaire's Defiant Acquisition. The Sheikh's Christmas Conquest. Claimed for Makarov's Baby. The Ruthless Greek's Return. Carrying the Greek's Heir.

Christmas in Da Conti's Bed. The Housekeeper's Awakening. Seduced by the Sultan. Shamed in the Sands. Defiant in the Desert. The Greek's Marriage Bargain. A Whisper of Disgrace.