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His Twinkle Dust generator keeps breakin' down, the thing is so dadblamed old! More correctly, it's Santa's sleigh. Young T is plumb curious, that's no lie. He feels like he's caught in a dream. When his paw introduces Young T to Santa, he gives the laugh that ever' kid knows. Young T says later, "I gotta admit I felt good from my head to my toes. Santa's tryin' to get his pipe lit. That boy had a horse that took off so fast, I feel like I'm stuck in a hole.

With lightnin' like speed we reach the North Pole, but them two are already there. When I get to daylight young Harley is waitin', and I know that it's all over then. I bought sasparilla for half of his village, and I'm lucky that's all that it cost me. Old T says, "If you're gonna keep racin' I don't think I even should try. If you don't, there won't be no presents this year, and you just ain't that mean. Old T says, "Okay," and he gets underway with repairin' the Twinkle Dust thing. In no time at all, he's got it to workin', and says, "Now it's fit for a king!

Or will it come outta my hide? Santa says, "Get in. Santa tries out the Twinkle Dust right off the bat, and to show you just what it's worth, in forty-three seconds they're back on the ground-- after completely circlin' the earth! Young T climbs out of Santa Claus' s sled, and he can't hardly stand on 'is feet.

Old T says, "Whatcha think of that, Boy? Ain't that some kinda neat? You can ride with me, if you don't tell a soul, and treat all my reindeers right. There was Jiggs in the lead boys so I kept to the rear, with my cowdog sweet Bitsy just a-keepin' pace near. It was country we knew well like the back of our hand.

Tweren't nothin' unusual all accordin' to plan. Now ol' Jiggs was a-jawin' in his usual way. Didn't matter what subject always somethin' to say. Course with me in the rear now and a wrap 'round my head, tweren't a way in God's heaven I could hear what he said. Then he raised his hand slowly in a signal to stop though we still had an hour 'fore we'd come to the top. He was lookin' up skyward so I took a look-see. Tweren't a cloud in the sky boys just a blue blaze to me.

Then he pointed his finger to the shadows on snow. There was just our three showin' but then again whoa! There were shadows a-movin' while we was all still, and I ain't shamed to tell you that it gave me a chill. Now I ain't superstitious, but to me it appeared like a sleigh and a driver and a team of eight deer.

Ol' Jiggs sat just a-starin' then he flashed me a grin, and I was still wonderin' when it fin'lly sunk in. With a whoop and a holler we shouted.

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I was sure gettin' pretty cold out there a-ridin' for wonderin' strays, Even old Buck's feet were gettin' bit; you know he's seen his better days. Steve and me's been partnered up, well it seems nigh on to fifteen years, We've sure seen some times together and probably roped a million steers. The only fault I ever found in him is that he believes anything he's told, And he'll take whatever old Slim Johnson says as if it were made of gold. I did appreciate Slim and his missus letting us warm up by their fire, But, Lord, that Slim can spin a yarn and be a down right liar.


I like the man, but some of his tales take a bit to swallow down, At times I think he spends too much time at Charlie's bar in town. Like that whopper he told tonight, and the man really believes it's true, All about how he saved Santa Claus back in the winter of ninety-two. And Steve he just swallowed it up, the whole hook and line and sinker, Boy howdy, when it comes to lies and tales that one was a sure a stinker. Even old Buck laid down and covered his ears with his little paws. Shoot anyone could buy that saddle, Steve I swear you're not too bright. But, that shadow looked like eight buck deer a movin' through the sky, Durn that Slim and his crazy tales, now he's got me seeing reindeer fly.

I shut my eyes real tight and cussed old Slim for everything he'd said, When something came out of no where and cracked me on the head. I glared at Steve while he laughed at me, "Jack you finally achieved your goal, Look what Santa gave you" and he pointed at the ground to a big ol' chunk of coal. Slim figured in Dave P. The full moon cast our shadows Against the ashen ground: Two cowboys and one cattledog, Tired, and bunkhouse-bound. As to what he saw just then, I had a real good clue: A shadow, of a sleigh and deer - Four pair, lined two by two. Well, you can bet I snapped my head To see that shadow's source.

I said a few "superlatives" 'N almost spooked my horse But quick as I had looked around I saw but empty space. Anything that had been there Was gone, without a trace. A Christmas Tale R. Tooms, God rest his soul, a kind and gentle man, went off th' cliff at Dawson's pass. Both him, and his horse, Dan.

Michael Martin Murphey's Cowboy Christmas | Sundance Square

It happened on th' eighteenth, one week 'fore Jesus' birthday. He left a wife and three girls, aged three years, five and eight. He'd been a trapper, hired on at th' ranch, and made a hand. Built a cabin in a draw. He called it Beulah Land. Th' funeral was a sad one. Th' bears had got th' body. They called it a "memorial" for our friend and a darn fine waddie. We asked Julie about th' kids, her plans for Christmas morn. She said, "Rube always handled that since th' oldest girl was born. Now, cowboys aint good businessmen; money made should soon be spent. A drink, a dance, a perty girl So me and Chas got all th' boys together at th' gravesite, b'fore they made it into town.

They'd all be broke by sun light. Not one cowboy on our crew even blinked when we suggested we all pitch in a dime or two. Ever' one of them invested. They didn't give a dime or two, they gave ALL 'cept one dollar. That jerked a knot in my ole heartstring.

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That's one tough act ta foller. You should'a saw th' shoppin' spree, nine cowboys buyin' dresses for three young girls, just lost their Pa. We got'em toys and candy, too. We got their Ma some parfumes.

A cowboy Christmas of yesteryear

We had'em wrapped all fancy like, had some cash left for Ms. Santy and his helper would be Chas and, yep, Yours Truly. A big surprise come Christmas morn for them sweet girls and Julie. Th' moon was showin' out that night, late night shadows casting. We snuck up, put the presents at th' back door, on th' porch swing. We both got teary-eyed when we passed th' shed out back, 'cause layin' there, alone, forgot, was R. I stopped and helped it on it's rack, brushed out th' under fleece.

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Chas wiped his eyes and pulled his collar up against th' breeze. We topped th' hill and pointed horses south, no words were spoken. For Julie and those three sweet girls, we let our hearts get broken. I glanced back , over my shoulder to th' north, and Glory Be!! Find Ben in all the Junkyard Tales stories.

December Thirteen: Cowboy and Company

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