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Why is work playing such a dominant role in our lives? What's God's view of work and our purpose for our work and life? How can we find a better way to make a living In essence, we will help you: L earn a new perspective on today's work environment, which has both threats and countless opportunities. I nteract with real-life people who have been successful in discovering their God-given talents to achieve balance in their work-life. V iew your work differently and discover where it fits in your life as a Christian.

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E xplore God's view of work and the role of purpose, calling, and priorities. Book Journey Template As mentioned in the book. All rights reserved. Success Stories Tell us your success story or read about others. There are no volunteer opportunities from this organization. Please visit New Mexico Volunteer Connection. This organization has not listed any needs.

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Are you Eating to Live or Living to Eat? There's a Better Way.

County of Location: Bernalillo. Phone: This will give you a total number for the cost of living. For example,. The next step is making sure those necessary things are paid every single month with no worries. Because if these things are important enough for you to purchase every month, then you most likely need them in your life. This eliminates so much financial stress.

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I use this total to determine my budget by dividing my total cost of living for the month by 2. I get paid bi-weekly The number will change according to how many times you get paid a month.

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With the remaining money, you have to decide how you want to use it. You have to make sure not to dip into that money that you put away. Leaving this money alone is what will help to eliminate your stress of not having enough for bills. Overspending is no longer possible with this method because that money is off limits for anything other than bills.

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  4. This eliminates a world of stress and is a habit that has changed my life personally. You have GOT to budget to make sure you have no financial worries or forget any bills. It will take discipline and it will take time. In which case, you need to look at what you can possibly cut down on to save money and afford your bills.

    Playing the Long Game

    About that leftover money… There is only one logical answer here for spending it… Blow it right..? Just burn right through it.

    The leftover money is NOT the expendable cash you get to blow every week. Not if you ever want to be financially stable and free that is.


    What you do with this money is the difference between financial comfort and a stressful and anxious life. First and foremost, this money should go towards a safety net.

    Never miss a thing…

    I hold enough money in my savings to cover at least a year of my expenses. You can find the calculator here. Secondly, that high-interest debt. If you have any credit card debt or any high-interest loans, these MUST go first.