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SBG is about people. Our goal is to offer cutting edge training in self defense, combat athletics, fitness, and personal growth. We cater to all body types and individuals alike that walk through our door; men, women and children. SBG Scarborough is dedicated to bringing you safe, functional martial arts training that can be used against resisting opponents.


You will not find any rituals, forms, titles or myths that go along with many other traditional martial arts. Being a part of SBG Scarborough is more than just a place to train. It's an amazing community where people can get together, make friends and help motivate each other to overcome limitations in order to reach our goals. Part of being a good coach is to be highly skilled at what you are teaching. The other part is being able to articulate and communicate clearly what you are teaching.

Since , Jun trained extensively in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Coach Jeremiah began his Muay Thai journey 12 years ago, originally training at Ultimate Martial Arts, then later on moving to Team Scorpion, becoming a part of the competition team. Over the past few years, Jeremiah has been focusing on coaching.

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His high emphasis of building solid fundamentals, and constant technique repetition make him a suitable coach for beginning practitioners or even for the seasoned Nak Muay. The Micro Monkeys is a 45 minute class for ages years old and the Juniors classes are an hour long for ages Unlike many other sports and recreational programs, our programs run all year round and new students are always welcome to join.

Our rotating week curriculum is designed so that your child can start at any time. Instilling our kids with confidence and a strong will is paramount to them having a successful school career, not to mention giving them a huge head start in a world that values charismatic and resilient adults. Many other styles of martial arts out there are instilling false confidence in their students claiming that what they are learning should work. At SBG we make sure that the techniques and skill sets we teach actually works!

Since most altercations with kids fall to the ground and grapple, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is ideal as it allows even a small person to control and neutralize and dominate a larger opponent using techniques they practice in class every week. By practicing our techniques against other kids in class, we build confidence in Jiu-Jitsu and in their everyday lives.

All Belts Are Earned. At Straight Blast Gym, we are big believers in earning your belt promotions. From a young age, we want to instill the belief that to accomplish something you need to put in hard work. We believe that belt promotions are earned through more than just showing up for class, but by showing progression on the mats and setting a good example for the other students with their behavior and attitude.

We want both the parent and child to both know that the promotion was earned, not bought, so we cover the expenses involved in all belt promotions. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu BJJ is a martial art and combat sport that teaches a smaller person how to defend himself or herself against a larger adversary by using leverage and proper technique. The Gracie family, the founders of BJJ, modified judo and traditional Japanese jujitsu to create the art. Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is the national sport and cultural martial art of Thailand.

It was developed several hundreds of years ago as a form of close-combat that utilizes punches, kicks, knees, elbow strikes as well as countless combinations, counters and defenses to keep you safe on your feet. All Muay Thai Classes are action packed and will provide you with a great cardio workout while you learn how to defend yourself and most importantly, have fun. An empowering full-body workout that inspires confidence and promotes a growth mindset and lifestyle.

Join a community of local women in a class suitable for every BODY to learn and train practical self defence through brazilian jiu jitsu. An empowering full body workout that inspires confidence and promotes a growth mindset and lifestyle. This class is a Foundations class suitable for all levels regardless of fitness level. Micro Monkeys Ages Our Micro Monkeys program is designed to introduce our youngest students to Jiu-Jitsu and help build coordination. Monthly life-skills are also introduced and discussed to promote and reinforce strong core values.

Juniors Ages Monthly life-skills topics are discussed emphasizing growth both on and off the mats. In this class, we work on fundamentals — the postures and positions that allow our students to train safely.

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Our Foundations program is the artful introduction where the beginnings of great relationships are born. Train with women, taught by women. All levels welcome. Our adult Combat Athlete Program will take your training to the next level. In this class we dive deeper into each art to understand the concepts and strategies required play at a higher level. Along with more drilling and isolated sparring, each member will improve their fitness so the mind body relationship are further established.

MMA Comp — Invite only. Our adult MMA program helps to seamlessly blend all ranges of combat, from standup, clinch and ground, to produce well rounded martial artists and fighters. This will take your fitness level and your understanding of fighting to a whole new level. Open Mat — Members only. Show more. Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite. Select Plan Select Plan. Recommend 0. Sangat Singh Nov 21, am. Amna ji, I love the way you described the situations in life.

Balley, balley. Keep writing. H Nov 21, am. A unique life experience. Farouq Omaro Nov 21, am. Razi Nov 21, am. An honest and delightful piece of prose. Farid Nov 21, am. J Khan Nov 21, am. Lovely prose; poignant and relevant. Rubina Nov 21, am.

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Afzal Nov 21, pm. Awesome debutant! Keep it up and may Allah guide you. Dev Nov 21, pm. Chango Nov 21, pm. Rationalbabu Nov 21, pm. Nadeem Nov 21, pm.

Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Nov 21, pm. SS Nov 21, pm. Zahid Nov 21, pm. Brave sister and well done. Say it Nov 21, pm. Mukhers Nov 21, pm. Shahzad Nov 21, pm.

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What a wonderful piece of writing to wake up to this morning Leo Nov 21, pm. ALI Nov 21, pm. An interesting read for certain. It has given me a lot to think about. Shahzeb Nov 21, pm. So nicely narrated. So much to relate as first generation immigrant doctor from Pakistan in UK! Rahil Kidwai Nov 21, pm. Great write up. Thanks for sharing your experience, couldn't agree more. Keep on writing. Eldrick Lal Nov 21, pm. Beautiful description and it is a tale of many immigrant children. Sami Ullah Swati Nov 22, am. Uday Kulkarni Nov 22, am. Vittal Pyati Nov 22, am.

Ali Shaikh Nov 22, am. Beautiful and honest writing. Abbas Khan Nov 22, am. IMO, You are smart and a beautiful brown girl! Illawarrrior Nov 22, am. Farid Discrimination existed long before Britain. Umair New Yorker Nov 22, am.

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Imran Nov 22, am. Very well written, i will print this and sahe with my daughters in Australia Saleem Nov 22, am. Saba Nov 22, am. An emerging star on the horizon of literature. Imtiaz Ali Khan Nov 22, am. Javeed Syed Iqbal Nov 22, am. Pk Nov 22, pm. Fan Nov 22, pm. IPS Nov 22, pm. I really appreciate your work. ARZ Nov 22, pm. ASIM Nov 22, pm. Honest, informative and Inspiring all at the same time!

Keep Writing. Vinod Narang Nov 22, pm. Pakistani Nov 22, pm. Lovely and touching. Should be translated into urdu also for the urdu press. Mazhar Mahmood Nov 23, am. Kamran Nov 23, am. Shujaat Khan Nov 23, am. Very well written Amna. Will definitely buy your book. Jawaid Islam Nov 23, pm. Dr Accountant Nov 23, pm. Read more. On DawnNews. Comments 53 Closed Popular Newest Oldest. Ugly Truth. Nov 21, am. Sangat Singh. Farouq Omaro. J Khan. Nov 21, pm. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad. Say it. Rahil Kidwai. Eldrick Lal. Sami Ullah Swati. Nov 22, am. Uday Kulkarni. Vittal Pyati.

Ali Shaikh. Abbas Khan. Umair New Yorker. Imtiaz Ali Khan. Javeed Syed Iqbal.

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Nov 22, pm. Vinod Narang. Mazhar Mahmood. Nov 23, am. Shujaat Khan. Jawaid Islam. Nov 23, pm. Dr Accountant. Latest stories. Most popular Australia uninterested in a free trade agreement with Pakistan. Altaf Hussain charged by UK police with terrorism offence over speech. Controversy hits appointment of envoy to Sri Lanka. France delivers first Rafale fighter jet to India. Why does no one see the tragedy in Umar Akmal, Ahmed Shehzad's career?

Matron allegedly beaten to death by Russian female inmates at Gadani central jail.

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Modi to host Xi at summit with ties strained by occupied Kashmir. PM Imran, President Xi discuss bilateral relations. The Chinese model. Must read.