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Sometimes we forget to maintain proper body positioning during the execution of a movement. And pressing too high up can cause the chest to cave in and the shoulders to lift off of the bench. So, remember to lift the chest and draw the shoulders back down when pressing.

A Beginners Guide to a Big Bench Press - Jacked Factory : Jacked Factory

A weightlifting shoe is beneficial in that it can prevent your heel from rising too high off of the ground. But, it can also prevent your feet from moving too far back which is not good for your back. But Mark Bell talked about warming up the lower body to open up the hips before doing a bench-pressing session because the movement is tough on the lower body.

Pulling the bar off of the rack will allow you to keep the lats engaged and chest up. So, rather than pushing the bar up toward the spotter, keep it close to your body and pull which will make it easier for the spotter as well. As Mark Bell explained in the video, the top half of the movement is a struggle for many people. But practicing certain lifts which improve strength in this area is very beneficial.

These methods will allow you to overload the muscles in the top part of the position through constant tension.

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But this also helps with the speed in which you perform the lift , especially with the slingshot. Mark Bell says to press the barbell up and back more toward the rack rather than straight up and down. This will allow you to move naturally and keep the lats engaged throughout the movement. We sure hope you learned a lot from the bench pressing tips and methods so that you can increase your own lifts.

You really cannot go wrong with this expert advice from a few of the best in the business and applying the information to your own training will benefit you greatly. And the great thing is that making these adjustments can quickly improve your bench press numbers. Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. Thank you for subscribing.

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All Essential Nutrients Nutrition Tips. Home Workouts Chest. September 9, Table of Contents hide. Pause Bench Press 2. Dumbbell floor press 3. Static Incline Dumbbell Press 4. Mental Preparation 5.

Workouts that Increase Your Bench Press

Practice… A lot! Many athletes are unaware of this, but the harder you squeeze the bar when you bench press, the more muscles you will recruit, and the stronger you will become. If you have weak triceps, you will limit the amount of weight you can lift when you bench press. With that in mind, you must maximize your tricep strength if you want to improve your performance in the bench press.

If you increase your back strength, you will not only blast off your bench press, but you will help to prevent injuries.

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