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The new version still has that threatening language, which is mandated by state law, but it's in a smaller font and appears lower on the page. The letter also compares students' absences to other chronically truant students -- but not to peers who rarely if ever miss class because doing so creates an unrealistic attendance goal that In The Class discovered discourages students. In the era of text messages, push alerts and email, Rodgers says snail mail is the best option for getting parents serious about their children's attendance.

It ends up on a refrigerator, and parents will talk to their kids about the absences. In Chicago and Philadelphia, these simple changes have reduced truancy by 11 percent in each district. Children in kindergarten and ninth grades miss the most days of school per year, and absenteeism is connected to poorer scores in reading and math, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

However there is not enough data to examine this longitudinally. More data on absenteeism is coming. Lawmakers failed to override the Republican governor's decision to cut 40 percent of the university system's state funding. This website uses cookies in order to offer you the most relevant information. Absenteeism Costs Schools Money.

It involves tweaking the tone and the look of letters home to parents. Brian Charles Staff Writer jbcharles governing. You and your child will be invited to the team meeting. The team will decide:.

The consequences of prosecuting parents for truancy

If the team decides there is a negative effect on your child, the team will make an "intervention plan. The purpose of this committee is to understand why students drop out and make recommendations to the school board for how to address the problem.

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The committee should explore the reasons why students drop out, including;. If your child is still truant after this plan is made, the superintendent must serve you with a written notice. The notice must be given to you in person or sent by registered mail.

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The notice must say that:. If your child is still truant after the intervention plan is made and the notice is mailed to you, the superintendent shall follow school procedures to have a second meeting. At this second meeting, a new intervention plan can be made. The school can ask the local district attorney to come to this meeting. After you get this notice, your child must go to school within 3 days. If your child is still absent or if you do not go to the second meeting, the school can contact local law enforcement to refer your case to court. The superintendent will also tell the school board that your child is truant.

This is because you are responsible for making sure your child attends school. You will not be charged with a crime, but you can be found to have committed a civil violation.

Consequences for Truancy

If that happens, you can be:. A student who is truant is prohibited from working. The only exception is if the superintendent gives a release that approves of your child's employment. What is truancy? What is required school age?

Truancy | South Carolina Bar

In Maine, children age 7 and older and teenagers under 17 years old must be in a school program. This means your child cannot drop out before they are 17 years old.

Doctors warn of serious consequences for kids who miss too much school

Until then your child is compulsory school age.