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Internet Explorer. Available for download. Not available in stores. Within this famous book Chesterton explores the subjects of poverty, concentration of wealth, work, agriculture, machinery, and capital gain.

The Outline of Sanity

Chesterton championed wealth distribution, but was staunchly opposed to socialism; he was an advocate of private ownership, but was an anti-capitalist. This fascinating text will appeal to those with an interest in economics, and it constitutes a veritable must-read for fans of Chesterton's seminal work.

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The outline of sanity

Refresh your browser page to run scripts and reload content. Click the Internet Zone. If you do not have to customize your Internet security settings, click Default Level. Then go to step 5. A lay apostolate dedicated to Catholic education and evangelization. America leads the world in many things, including mental illness. Our mixed up society helps produce mixed up people. We are mixed up about religion, education, sex, and two other very basic things: politics and economics.

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We are basically insane when it comes to the role of money and laws and our daily bread. Sanity is about wholeness, completeness.

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Insanity is about narrowness and brokenness. It is Distributism. It is a difficult idea to explain, but this book is where to begin.

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If you recommend that one as a starting point, you are sure to chase people away from Distributism. Distributism offers freedom which is responsibility and security which is protection of the individual and the community. It is based on the widespread ownership of private property. It presumes that small business is better than big business, that craftsmanship is superior to mass production, and that local government is better than big government. This idea is carried forward a few decades later by G.

He shows how neither socialism nor capitalism promote justice because neither promote small property. A pickpocket is obviously a champion of private enterprise. But he is not a champion of private property. The point about capitalism is that it preaches the extension of business, but not the preservation of belongings; it also tries to disguise the pickpocket with some of the virtues of the pirate.

A Biography of G. K. Chesterton

The point about communism is that it tries to reform the pickpocket by forbidding pockets. Under capitalism, a clerk lives in a house that he does not own, that he did not make, and that he does not want. He thinks in terms of wages, of putting in time. It would make no difference to a clerk of a huge corporation if his job were instead in a government department.

The present system, especially as it exists in industrial countries, has already become a danger, and is rapidly becoming a death trap. This system rests on two ideas: that the rich will always be rich enough to hire the poor; and the poor will always be poor enough to want to be hired by the rich.

Paralysis in this system is inevitable.

Capitalism is a contradiction. When most men are wage-earners it is hard for them to be customers. For the capitalist is always trying to cut down what his servant demands. And in doing so he is cutting down what his customer can spend. He is wanting the same man to be rich and poor at the same time. With the elimination of the small shops, there is no more shopping around. I think the big shop is a bad shop. Shopping there is not only a bad action, but a bad bargain.

The monster emporium is not only vulgar and insolent, but incompetent and uncomfortable. And I deny that its large organization is efficient. In truth, large organization is always disorganization. It is said that it is convenient to get everything in the same shop. They concentrate business as they concentrate wealth—in the hands of fewer and fewer citizens.

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Now this surrender to modern monopoly does not have to take place. All we have to do to support small shops is to support them. Everybody could do it, but nobody can imagine it being done.