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Read about the mystery brewing at Spill the Beans Coffee Shop: the suspicious meetings over cappuccino, the roundtable of gumshoe regulars and the murder that shocks them all.

Next, assemble the piece puzzle to discover the hidden clues. Let your mind percolate through the evidence, then filter out the red herrings and solve "Grounds for Murder".

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  • Good Games - Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzles Grounds for Murder RRP $24.
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Girls Dont Play Almost Transparent Blue That My Love is Fire However Long I Stay Dancing the Dark Turmoil Coffee and Antinomy Soup and Enmity The Quiet Ones My Kingdom for a Horse Devil's Bargain Once there were sock puppets, and, I'm not kidding, a cookie trebuchet. That's all you got out of all of that.

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That there's maybe a bangable emo guy over there? He'd been a detective with the Phoenix PD Violent Crimes bureau for three years, and he'd see a lot stranger things than sock puppets, old ladies, and strip Clue. Dean is a star detective with the Phoenix PD who likes good coffee. Sam owns a neighboring sandwich shop. A series of too-close-for-comfort crimes rattle local business owners and get the gossip flowing. Dean investigates and falls for a blue-eyed barista. Somewhere in the bottom half of this thing, it gets all serious crime drama-y.

Dean shrugged and took another too-large bite of his sandwich. Charlie and Castiel own a coffee shop. Due to technical shenanigans, only half of this chapter posted the first time I tried to upload it. I put the second half in chapter two and prayed to the technology goddesses that you all wouldn't quit reading after a boring first chapter about furniture and board games. I'm getting high off marker fumes here. He looked around.

Grounds for Murder

After two weeks of near-round-the-clock effort, Grounds for Murder was ready for its soft opening. It was a pretty good space, if Castiel said so himself. The ground floor, corner location at Taylor Place was almost ideal. ASU Downtown student housing occupied all the upper floors and students and faculty drink a lot of coffee. It was also in the middle of the revitalizing arts and entertainment district, where street artists mingled with corporate lawyers, foodies, and the sports and concert venue crowds.

The light rail was just a short walk, and Castiel had already been in touch with the Library, the Parks department, and the Police department.

Grounds For Murder

Grounds for Murder would be a location for regular community events, like book groups, senior socials, Coffee with a Cop, and author readings. Charlie, Dr Charlie Bradbury, Professor of Biomedical Informatics, his investor and friend, had helped out with the interior. They had a large glass case for selling pastries and sandwiches sourced from two local bakers and a vegan cafe.

They had a cold case for kombucha, juices and fancy sodas. Counter seating rounded out the service area. For customer seating they had comfy sofas and over stuffed chairs in conversational seating in front of all the windows.