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If There's No Tomorrow 4. Vendetta 5. Out Of The Ashes 6.

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Envy 7. Mirror 8. Anthem 9.

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The End Of The Scene Hide and Seek. Delirium Seeking for my truth Where's the ending where I'm going to? Am I on my way?

The fight continues.

New second referendum plot: Tory and Labour Remainers plan to unite to ambush Boris Johnson and force a EU citizens who live in the UK could be deported after Brexit if they do not apply for settled status and Boris Johnson breathes new life into his Brexit plan after better-than-expected last-ditch talks with Leo I've sat on a rape jury. My verdict? They're a life-saver: As it's proposed juries in rape trials are The crippling guilt of cheating death Julie Andrews reveals Mary Poppins' costumes hid clues of a 'wicked and naughty' side, how she bird-whistled Drunken thug forced a pilot to divert a Thomas Cook flight in 'terrifying' two-hour air rage rampage in The MMR 'middle class revolt': A third of children in wealthiest areas of Britain have still not had vaccine I almost choked to death Coroner demands answers for 'glaring failure' that sent paramedics to wrong address that was miles from Gizmos, guns AND girls: Never mind the plots What happened to the Special Relationship?

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The Aussie kid who put out bins to buy Ashes ticket

Footballers' wives line up to blast Rebekah Vardy and back Coleen Rooney I wanted to hunt and fish and enjoy the weather in this beautiful place and now they've pushed this thing right on top of us. Now, I'm too old to move and no one would want to buy this place anyways," said William Gibbs. Long and Mary Leila Schaeffer started to see the effects that the coal ash was having on the community they love. They began working hard to correct the injustice they saw in the community.

After the ash arrived in Perry County, people like Esther and others gathered and formed a community group that is opposed to the coal ash: Black Belt Citizens Fighting for Health and Justice. As soon as he heard about the situation in Perry County, he knew he had to help. Many of the residents have filed a complaint under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act , a law that prohibits recipients of federal funds, including state agencies, from using those funds to implement or promulgate any policy that has an unjustified disproportionate adverse effect on the basis of race.

Engelman Lado has partnered with local residents, including Esther, and is now the lead attorney on the Title VI complaint.

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And they deserve better," said Engelman Lado. Do we as a country continue to look the other way when our waste is threatening the health of low-income communities of color? At what point do we finally enforce our civil rights laws and stop allowing waste to be dumped in low-income communities of color? In August of , investigators from the U. The split in the train tracks that sent the ash from the mainline, into the open pits of the landfill and the homes of the Perry County residents.

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All others: Photos Provided by John L. We expect justice.

Gibbs, with his damaged truck.