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Doctor Who: The Time War Was Genius (& Moffat Made It Even Better)

View all TV Sites. View all Streaming Sites. View all Movies Sites. View all Gaming Sites. The elite Cult of Skaro also survived by fleeing into the Void between dimensions in a specialised ship, taking with them the Genesis Ark , a Time Lord prison ship containing millions of Daleks. The new Dalek army released from the Ark on Earth in the 21st century — after the Ark is touched by a time-traveler, Mickey Smith — is sucked back into the Void due to the actions of the Tenth Doctor , but the specially-equipped cult members use an "emergency temporal shift" to escape that fate.

While three members of the Cult of Skaro are killed, the fourth — Dalek Caan — escapes through another emergency temporal shift. Davros subsequently uses cells from his own body to create a new Dalek Empire and keeps Caan close at his side because of the latter's prophetic abilities. However, Caan manipulated Davros to help the Doctor and Donna Noble defeat the Daleks after seeing the damage the Daleks had caused throughout time. The Daleks are destroyed by a clone of the Tenth Doctor , while Davros and Caan are left behind on the Dalek flagship as it is destroyed.

One ship containing three Daleks escaped that defeat after accidentally falling through time, where it then picked up a trace of a Progenitor device that contained pure Dalek DNA. However, because these Daleks had been created from the DNA of Davros, the Progenitor did not accept them as true "Daleks"; to restart the Progenitor, the Daleks trick the Eleventh Doctor into activating it for them during World War II by declaring them Daleks which the device accepts.

Once activated, the Progenitor device created a new "Paradigm" of Daleks that destroyed the previous Daleks and escaped through time, forming a new race of Daleks. In the end, the Dalek fleet was wiped out by the Eleventh Doctor during the first phase of his regeneration. After the Time War, the Doctor is convinced that he is the only surviving Time Lord, saying that he would know of any others if they had survived. The Master had been hiding in human form at the end of the universe using a Chameleon Arch , having escaped the destruction of both the Time Lords and the Daleks.

By taking human form, he avoided detection by the Doctor, who was apparently unaware of his nemesis' resurrection during the Time War. The timelines of other races and planets shifted without the inhabitants of the worlds affected being aware of the changes in history , as they were a part of them. Most affected were the Greater Animus , which died; [11] the Zygons , who lost their home planet, Zygor, and attempted to conquer Earth for its resources; [1] the Eternals , who apparently fled this reality in despair; [11] and the Gelth , who lost their physical form and were reduced to gaseous beings, who attempted to possess human corpses in using a Time Rift in Cardiff.

The Gelth described the war's impact as "invisible to lower species but devastating to higher forms", [5] such as the Forest of Cheem , which was distraught at the bloodshed. The Time War provides a convenient in-story explanation for any contradictions in series continuity: for example, writer Paul Cornell has suggested that Earth's destruction by an expanding sun in "The End of the World" five billion years hence, as opposed to the original depiction of its demise around the year 10,, AD in The Ark , can be attributed to changes in history due to the War.

In a story arc stretching through several of the Eighth Doctor Adventures novels written before the new series began in , the Doctor learns that, at some point in his personal future, a war will be fought between the Time Lords and an unnamed Enemy. The Eighth Doctor first becomes involved in the events of the war during the events of Alien Bodies , when he unintentionally learns of the War while attending an auction that is attended by various parties in the war- including a future Time Lord, a representative of the Enemy, Faction Paradox, the UNIT of the s, and agents of the rogue Time Lords known as the Celestis-, not only learning about the War ahead of schedule, but also learning that the auction is for the body of his future self, due to his biodata codes being the only means of accessing dangerous Time Lord secrets after he died in the early days of the War.

This cataclysm also creates an event horizon in time that prevents anyone from entering Gallifrey's relative past or travelling from it to the present or future. The last Eighth Doctor Adventures novel, The Gallifrey Chronicles , establishes that the Doctor has the ability to restore the planet and its inhabitants, having downloaded the contents of the Matrix into his subconscious mind in the minutes before Gallifrey's destruction, albeit at the cost of his own memories.

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The novel ends without revealing if he does indeed succeed in restoring Gallifrey. Russell T Davies , executive producer of the series, commented that there is no connection between the War of the books and the Time War of the television series, comparing Gallifrey being destroyed twice with Earth's two World Wars.

He also said that he was "usually happy for old and new fans to invent the Complete History of the Doctor in their heads, completely free of the production team's hot and heavy hands". The future of the Time War which was erased by the Eighth Doctor in the Eighth Doctor Adventures' War, referred to as the "War in Heaven", also appears in the Faction Paradox novels conceived by Lawrence Miles as well as some of the aftermath of its later erasure from history.

In three comic strip stories written by Alan Moore in and , the Time Lords, assisted by the Special Executive , fight a time war early in their history against the "Order of the Black Sun", based some thirty thousand years in their future. This also causes the apparent demise of the stellar engineer Omega. The Time Lords do not know why the Black Sun whom they had never encountered before the attack should have wanted to strike at them, and surmise that it was for something they had yet to do.

This provides the motivation for the war's beginnings, as from the Order's point of view, the Time Lords are the ones who strike first. Gallifrey is the umbrella title of a series of audio plays by Big Finish Productions , set on Gallifrey during Romana's tenure as President. In Gallifrey: Panacea , the final chapter of the third series, the Time Lord Irving Braxiatel speaks of "rumours out there in the big wide universe—more than rumours, in fact—that something's coming to Gallifrey, something worse than you could possibly imagine. The sixth series of Gallifrey features the Daleks invading Gallifrey, [62] but this invasion was undone thanks to Romana, Leela, K9 and Narvin, aided by Romana's future self.

The ninth series more directly featured the Time War with Romana and Leela playing key roles, [63] including Leela being sent on a mission with the Derek Jacobi Master, Irving Braxiatel taking Ace on a mission to test her ability to fight in the War, and the resurrection of Rassilon through a complex Time Lord project that allowed Rassilon's consciousness to take over the body of another Time Lord.

The later Companion Chronicles audio story, The Catalyst , implies that Leela survived the Time War; she mentions that her adopted homeworld no longer exists and she ages rapidly due to the Time Lords no longer being able to keep her young. The Dark Eyes audio series is also in effect a lead up to the Last Great Time War from the Doctor's perspective, the first series being a complex plan by the Daleks to erase the Time Lords from existence. The Doom Coalition series begins when the Eighth Doctor and his companion Liv Chenka are assigned to recapture the Eleven, a Time Lord criminal who suffers from a unique form of mental illness where all of his past incarnations are active in his head at once, [67] the two swiftly acquiring a new companion in the form of Helen Sinclair.

Although Padrac gathers his equipment and prepares to unleash a powerful psychic blast that will destroy the universe, the Doctor is eventually able to thwart this plan by disrupting Padrac's equipment at the last minute, informing his former friend that he will bear the burden of Gallifrey's future destruction if that prophecy is correct but refuses to believe that it is acceptable to destroy the rest of the universe to save one planet.

In this comic book series an insectoid race called the Skrawn appeared, whose planet Kolox the Doctor claims was destroyed in the Time War. The Doctor Who Magazine comic storyline The Clockwise Man , which was set during the Twelfth Doctor 's era, included a flashback to the Time War and early in the life of the War Doctor , depicting the events that led to the apparent death of the Doctor's old friend Fey Truscott-Sade and the War Doctor's decision to renounce his name.

The Eighth Doctor was imprisoned by a race of robots for several weeks on a planet in the middle of the war, before teaming up with a Malmooth fellow prisoner and faking his death to escape. It is revealed his capture was staged by him so that he could acquire the Great Key he needed to arm a modified De-Mat Gun that could be used to seal the Medusa Cascade. In The Mad Woman in the Attic , a two-part serial of the Doctor Who spinoff series The Sarah Jane Adventures , Eve speaks about the Time War, stating that her people could see timelines; this made them a target, and they were exterminated.

During the novel, the War Doctor and his new companion Cinder—a human resistance fighter on the Dalek-occupied world of Moldox—discover that the Daleks intend to use the temporal anomalies of the Tantalus Eye, a rift in time in the Moldox system, to develop a weapon that could completely erase Gallifrey and the Time Lords from history, with Rassilon's plan to stop the Dalek plot involving the destruction of the Eye and all inhabited planets around it. Refusing to accept this, the Doctor is able to sabotage Rassilon's plan and use the energy of the Tantalus Eye to erase the Daleks' scheme, but the actions of a Time Lord agent result in Cinder's death, leaving the War Doctor resolved to end the war once and for all as he recognises how far his people have fallen in the name of victory.

Hurt reprised his role alongside Jacqueline Pearce as Cardinal Ollistra, who frequently sends the War Doctor on missions to give the Time Lords the upper hand over the Daleks. Following Hurt's death, the series ended after four volumes in February A follow-up series was subsequently launched featuring the Eighth Doctor and set during the early years of the Time War. With the announcement of The War Doctor , Big Finish Productions also announced a prequel box set featuring the Eighth Doctor during the early days of the conflict. This was later expanded into a four-volume series set prior to his regeneration in " The Night of the Doctor " but after Ravenous , the sequel to Doom Coalition.

As well as the Time War series itself, the Eighth Doctor has also been depicted taking a role in the Time War in various audios that are part of other series. The Classic Doctors, New Monsters audios; "The Sontaran Ordeal" sees him caught up in a Sontaran invasion of a planet that has just been 'contaminated' by the Time War so that its once-peaceful history now features centuries of conflict, and "Day of the Vashta Nerada" has the Doctor discover an experiment to artificially alter the Vashta Nerada to be used as weapons in the War. In The Diary of River Song : Series One- The Rulers of the Universe , the Doctor learns that an ancient race of world-builders have been drawn into the future by the Time War and are destroying planets whose civilisations do not meet their standards, working with his future wife River Song who communicates with him over a distorted radio to prevent him recognizing her to disable their planned bomb at galactic centre.

In The Legacy of Time audio "Lies in Ruins" the Doctor encounters River and his predecessor's companion Benny Summerfield while he is travelling with a woman called Ria, as the two archaeologists discover what appears to be a fragment of Gallifrey, but it is soon revealed that the 'fragment' of Gallifrey is actually part of a prototype TARDIS while Ria is an android the Doctor created to tell him that he was right as he tried to escape the War, with the events of the audio forcing him to acknowledge that he can't ignore the conflict even if he still refuses to fight in it.

The War Master series was announced in June for release in December. The release features Derek Jacobi reprising his role as The Master from the episode " Utopia " and follows the character during the Time War. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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